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Dr Lynne Stobbart

Senior Research Associate



I am an experienced researcher in health and social sciences, and a former nurse with expertise in neurosurgery, neurotrauma and neuroclinical trials. I am particularly interested in ethical and psychosocial aspects of healthcare decision making, amongst patients, healthcare professionals and organisations, and in wider society, in both clinical and research contexts. My recently completed my doctoral research, an ethnographic study, combined some of these issues in examining the conduct of randomised controlled clinical trials in the acute and hyperacute period following stroke in an Acute Stroke Unit. It can be accessed here

I also contribute to the delivery of postgraduate teaching and supervision.

Roles and Responsibilities

I am a member of the Decision Making and Organisation of Care Research Theme, and of the Medical Sociology Group.


2012 PhD (Health Services Research), Newcastle University                                                                       2002 MSc Health Sciences (Research Methods), Northumbria University                                                   2003 Certificate in Exercise and Fitness, Newcastle College
1999 Certificate in Management Development, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Trust/Newcastle University 1991 E.N.B. 998, Teaching and Assessing in Clinical Practice, Continuing Nurse Education & Research Unit, Newcastle upon Tyne                                                                                                                                1989 E.N.B. 148 for Neuromedical & Neurosurgical Nurses, Continuing Nurse Education & Research Unit, Newcastle upon Tyne                                                                                                                               1987, Registered General Nursing Certificate, Shotley Bridge Nurse Teaching Centre

Previous Positions

2013 - present: Senior Research Associate, Social Science Research in Transplantation 

2010-present: Senior Research Associate & MAGIC Shared Decision Making Facilitator, IHS, Newcastle University

2009-2010: Research Associate, Institute of Health & Society (IHS), Newcastle University

2005-2009: Department of Health, Research Capacity Development Research Fellow

2004-2005: Research Associate, School of Population & Health Sciences, Newcastle University

2001–2004: Research Associate, Dept. Neurosurgery, Newcastle University

1994–2001:Clinical Trials Manager, Directorate of Neurosciences, Newcastle General Hospital

1992-1994: Audit Sister, Dir. Neurosciences, N.G.H.

1987-1992: Staff Nurse/Senior Staff Nurse throughout Dir. Neurosciences  (inc. Post-Reg. Studentship ENB 148.)


British Sociological Association
Informal Interests

Running, outdoor bootcamp, yoga


Research Interests

My research interests include ethical, psychosocial and relational aspects of healthcare decision making, amongst patients, healthcare professionals and organisations, and in wider society, in both clinical and research contexts. I am interested in employing ethnographic methods in order to examine reported and observed behaviours and to explore the reasons for and impact of their convergence/divergence. More specificall, I am interested in ethical, psychosocial, organisational and societal implications of organ donation and transplantation, end of life care, and the engagement of vulnerable or under-represented groups in health care research.

Other Expertise

Clinical trials management (mostly neurosciences - pharmaceutical and surgical interventions, invasive monitoring). Data management.
Neurotrauma/neurosurgical nursing.

Media analysis.

Current Work

I am currently undertaking exploratory work in collaboration with the Institute of Transplantation in NUTH NHS Foundation Trust, with the aim of developing a programme of research exploring social science issues pertaining to transplantation and donation. As Shared Decision Making Facilitator, I am also completing work for The Health Foundation funded MAGIC  (MAking Good decisions In Collaboration) project . In collaboration with Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Cardiff University and Cardiff & Vale Health Board, the project has explored methods of implementing and embedding shared decision making skills and techniques in clinical practice.


2005: NCC RCD Researcher Developement Award (Personal Award) £171,327                                       2005: The Stroke Association (Project Grant. Main author,coapplicant) £139,432                                   1995: Roald Dahl Foundation. Two year pump-priming funds for establishement of Paediatric Head Injury Support Sister post at Newcastle General Hospital £50,000 (approx.) 


Undergraduate Teaching

MiC Modules for MBBS Stages 1 & 2

Postgraduate Teaching

MRes Ethical issues in clinical trials
MSc Health Sciences, Project Management Module: The Role of the REC and Research Ethics
MSc Shared Decision Making in Chronic Diseases (Sunderland University)

Postgraduate Supervision


2011 John Davis, MSc Clinical Research, Newcastle University


2012 Rebecca Patterson, MSc Public Health & Health Services Research, IHS, Newcastle University (jointly with Dr Cath Exley)