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Dr Ruth McGovern

Lecturer in Public Health Research/NIHR Post Doctorate Fellow



I am an NIHR Post Doctoral Research Fellow and Lecturer in Public Health Research at the Institute of Health & Society, Newcastle University. My research aims to improve both health and social needs through the reduction of lifestyle risk and promotion of social justice. The focus of my work is upon children, parents and families and substance misuse. Substance misusing parents and their children are among the most disadvantaged within society. My work seeks to benefit this highly vulnerable population through evidenced-based decision making, policy and practice.

A key strand of my work is concerned with developing and evaluating behaviour change interventions to reduce alcohol and drug use. My research examines the feasibility and effectiveness of public health interventions with a wide range of populations and in various settings, often outside of the NHS. I have a professional background in social work; a profession which engages and intervenes with the most disadvantaged populations in society. I am committed to enhancing scientific knowledge through the development of evidenced-based interventions within the social care setting.

I have a professional background in social work and counselling. Throughout my professional career I specialised in drug and alcohol treatment, working in a range of therapeutic and social care settings.

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BA Hons Social Studies, University of Newcastle, 1998

Diploma in Social Work, Northumbria University, 2000

Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling, Durham University, 2003

MA Counselling, Durham University, 2004

PhD, Sociology, Newcastle University, 2010


Research Interests

Alcohol and drug use

Children and Families

Mental health

Health and social care

Behaviour change

Social and pychological interventions

Research funding

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McGovern, R, McColl, E. Hickman, M. Kaner, E. (2014) Brief interventions to reduce hazardous and harmful drinking in parents referred to children’s social care: a feasibility study. £310315, NIHR post doctorate fellowship

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Stephenson, M. & McGovern (2010) Knowledge Transfer within the offender health pathway in the North East. £10,000. NEPHO.

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I am the module lead for Public Health Intervention (HSC8042).

I am currently supervising two PhD students: Emma Geijer-Simpson - funded by Alcohol Research UK titled: developing a family involved intervention for young people aged 13-17 years who have alcohol use disorders and are at risk of depression and other mental health problems Samuel Parker The 7 S Study: supporting Sunderland smokers - a strategy for stop smoking services. I am also supervising a number of MSc students.