In-Sessional English

In-Sessional Programme

In-Sessional Programme

The In-Sessional English team is here to help you achieve your full potential in your academic subject. The purpose of the In-Sessional support is to help you use the English language to effectively communicate knowledge in your academic studies.

You will be able to attend up to eight hours of support classes. All of this support is free and aims to help you achieve your full academic potential. Make sure you make the most of it.

The support ranges between lecture-style and workshop-format, covering reading, writing, listening and speaking. We also offer one-to-one writing tutorials, where you can meet a teacher for 25 minutes to discuss an assignment you are working on.

Teaching will take place in-person, except for the 1-to-1 Writing tutorials, which will be online. Please note that there is the option for the 1-to-1 Writing tutorials to take place in-person if that is preferred.