In-Sessional English

INU6254 - Writing for Postgraduates in Museums, Ga

Writing for Postgraduates in Museum Studies, Global Heritage Management and Curating Art - INU6254


  • Course duration: 8 weeks
  • Course dates: Week commencing 2nd October to week commencing 27th November, 2023 (excluding week commencing 6th November)
  • University weeks: 5 to 9 and 11 to 13
  • Sessions per week: 1
  • Length of session: 2 hours


The courses aims to raise awareness of the fundamental skills required for academic writing, such as effectively structuring an essay, incorporating sources which either support or challenge your own argument and adopting an suitable academic writing style.

You can access the Course Outline here.

What do I need to do to register for this course?

Postgraduates on the Degree Programmes listed below will be automatically registered on this course.

  • 3448 F/P - PG Diploma in Curating Art (PG Dip)
  • 3449 F/P -PG Diploma in Global Heritage Management (PG Dip)
  • 3371 F/P - PG Diploma Museum Studies (PG Dip)
  • 4007 F/P - MA Museum Studies (MA)
  • 4138 F/P - MA Curating Art (MA)
  • 4139 F/P - MA Global Heritage Management (MA)

You will receive an email at the start of the semester with the time and place of your lessons.