In-Sessional English

INU6414 - Writing for Postgraduates in Computer Sc

Writing for Postgraduates in Computer Science (Part 1) - INU6414


  • Course duration: 6 weeks
  • Course dates: Week commencing 17th October to week commencing 28th November, excluding week commencing 7th November
  • University weeks: 7 to 9 and 11 to 13
  • Sessions per week: Online self-study material and one optional, in-person seminar
  • Length of session: In person seminar, one and half hours


This course provides six self-study units which will guide you through a number of videos and quizzes on Canvas. These units will take you through some essential elements of good academic writing, including sentence structure, academic style and how to use sources correctly.

What do I need to do to register for this course?

Postgraduates on the Degree Programmes listed below will be automatically registered on Canvas for this course.

  • 5178F MSc Advanced Computer Science
  • 5198F MSc Bioinformatics
  • 5199F Msc Neuroinformatics
  • 5200F MSc Synthetic Biology
  • 5056F MSc Cloud Computing
  • 5055F MSc Computer Science
  • 5144f MSc in Cyber Security
  • 5395F/5395P MSc Data Science
  • 3155P PGCert Data Science - part time
  • 5449F MSc Data Science - with AI
  • 5449P MSc Data Science - with AI PT
  • 4870P MSc Data Science - with Stats
  • 5450F MSc Data Science - with Visualisation
  • 3181F PGCert Data Science - with Visualisation
  • 3181P PGCert Data Science - with Visualisation 
  • 5152F MSc Computer Game Engineering

There will be an optional in-person seminar for each online unit of the course which will allow you to consolidate your learning through practice activities and ask your teacher questions.

If you wish to participate in the seminar for a particular unit, you will first need to attempt the Canvas quizzes.

You will then be able to self-register for the follow-up seminar through our online registration system (RISE):