In-Sessional English

Booking a 1-to-1 Writing Tutorial

Automatic Registration

The 1-to-1 Writing Tutorials will be restarting in the week commencing 31st October 2022, and will continue until the middle of July 2023.

You will have the option of choosing to conduct the tutorial in-person (face to face) or online, using either Zoom or Teams. 

How do I book a 1-to-1 Writing Tutorial?

  1. Book the 1-to-1 tutorial on the following website: RISE.
  2. The teacher will email you to ask you to send them:
    • the assignment you would like to discuss
    • the assignment brief that your School has provided
    • confirmation of whether you would like the tutorial in-person (face to face) or online
  3. You must provide this information at least 24 working hours before your tutorial is due to take place. If you do not do this, the tutorial will not take place.