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The modules are well structured and the lab facilities are really good.

Meet Aswathi from India
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The academic staff are all experts in their fields, professional, friendly and willing to help.

Meet Paraskevas from Cyprus
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The high standard of technical equipment and the University’s use of digital media contribute significantly to good learning outcomes.

Meet Leon from Germany
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The course is so flexible and also incorporates business and management studies.

Meet Hamed from Nigeria
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All members of the lab collaborate closely with each other, so in a way, each of us is responsible for the success of the whole lab.

Meet Anna from Russia
Russia student profile
Student Profile

Newcastle University is famous for its translating and interpreting programme, which is the field I wanted to study further.

Meet Emily from Taiwan
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The translating professors are very professional; they really care about our learning experience and give us very thorough feedback

Mingshan's student profile
Student Profile

I was amazed by the academic and support staff who were very kind and eager to help in any aspect regarding my studies.

Meet Konstantinos from Greece
Konstantinos from Greece student profile
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The course is well structured, and adapted to people who have not studied marketing before. It helps to develop multiple skills.

Meet Alessia from Italy

I have found my lecturers to be well qualified, really kind and ready to help if you have any problem or issue.

Meet Thee from Thailand
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I’m enjoying every module in my course because they teach me about how to start up a business and become a true entrepreneur with entrepreneurial skills.

Meet Natania from Indonesia
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Newcastle has a rich history background for playing an important role in the Industrial Revolution, and its transformation into a commercial and educational city

Meet Kelly from Hong Kong
Kelly, student profile, Hong Kong
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The teaching quality on my course is amazing. I really like the open door policy where I could just meet up with my lecturer and supervisor when I have any problems with my studies.

Meet Sheryl from Malaysia
Sheryl, student profile, Malaysia
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Courses here are very hands-on thus I get to learn a lot of practical skills from it which is important for my future career.

Meet Lian from Singapore
Lian Yi, student profile, Singapore
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The laboratory and analytical equipment are competitive compared to other academic settings for research purposes.

Meet Ahmad from Malaysia
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The course effectively combines the theoretical and vocational aspects of media and PR, ensuring that we are ready to hit the ground running come graduation.

Meet Colin from Canada
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The relevance of the modules on my course to my career aspirations has further equipped me with the knowledge and skills to be a global citizen.

Meet Akwasi from Ghana
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I really enjoy my supervisor's guidelines and encouragement. I am learning a lot from her not just academically, but also in developing my personal ethics.

Meet Siddiqua from Pakistan
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You have to be very critical, do a lot of research and it’s up to you to advance. It’s an exciting adventure to study here.

Meet Daniel from Mexico
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My highlight of studying at Newcastle has been to gain knowledge at a very high level. I have also valued getting to know people and from different parts of the world. This has helped to enrich me as a person and as a professional.

Meet Ruben from Spain
Ruben from Spain student profile
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I feel like Newcastle combines the two elements perfectly – the city is wonderful and packed of things to do and the university is located right in the heart of it.

Meet Ruta from Lithuania
Ruta student profile image
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I learn new things every single day and my university life does not fall into a routine: it is different each day and there is a variety of teaching methods.

Meet Ahlam from Saudi Arabia
Ahlam student profile
Student Profile

It’s my time, and my research, so I have to learn by myself. My supervisor gives me orientation and help, but it is really all you at PhD level.

Meet Ivone from Colombia
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You will find everything you need to thrive in Newcastle, in both the University and surrounding community.

Mary's student profile
Student Profile

Some of the most interesting things that we study are the economic and environmental issues, alongside others, that are related to buildings.

Meet Raslana from Kazakhstan
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You are able to take modules from across departments, including English, Education, and cross-cultural communication.

Meet Saziye from Turkey
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Thinking about my research impact, looking at it from different angles and keeping a balance between social and academic life were some of the skills I learned here.

Meet Goran from Iran
Goran from Iran student profile
Student Profile

Newcastle University certainly offers very good teaching quality, I don’t think I could ask for more

Meet Loan from Vietnam
Loan from Vietnam profile
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It has been a great experience meeting people from such diverse cultural backgrounds which exposed me to different interpretations, ideas and outlooks on life.

Meet Ohoud from Jordan
Ohoud from Jordan profile
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It is good to work hard, but equally important to take advantage of the fact that you are abroad

Tommy's student profile
Tommy from Peru profile
Student Profile

What in my opinion makes Newcastle University stand out is its huge focus on employability.

Meet Michalina from Poland
Michalina from Poland student profile
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What I liked most about this programme was the combination of theory and practice.

Meet Zahra from Azerbaijan
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Postgraduate study at the Business School can be demanding and intense, but it is just as fulfilling – the hours and work I put in translated into valuable lessons which made it all worth it

Meet Pauline from Kenya
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The course has helped me to develop many personal skills, such as critical thinking and communication skills, in addition to academic and industrial skills.

Meet Ebtihal from Libya
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Everything has been well structured and lecturers were all great at what they do.

Meet Goh from Brunei
Goh from Brueni student profile
Student Profile

With a good degree from Newcastle I believe I will be a strong applicant, both in terms of the job market and for getting into further studies.

Meet Anne from Norway
Anne from Norway student profile
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The field trips and labs are my favourite part. It gives us a chance to see and try what we are actually studying.

Meet Lorena from Romania
Lorena from Romania profile
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I didn’t want to go to a big and expensive city, but at the same time I wanted to go to a respected university.

Meet Lucia from Argentina
Lucia from argentina student profile
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The modules are well structured and the lab facilities are really good.

Meet Shayla from Bangladesh
Shayla from Bangladesh student profile
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I really enjoy that our course is very current and applicable to everyday life.

Meet Leonie from the Netherlands
Leonie, Netherlands, student profile