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About me

Name: Colin
Course: Media and Public Relations MA
Study mode: Full time
Where I'm from: Canada

Choosing Newcastle

"Last year I did a year abroad and loved studying in the UK. I toured many unis and Newcastle just felt right – it was definitely the right move coming here for many reasons: the university’s reputation, vibrant city location, active student life, variety of sports offered and the teaching staff’s reputation."

Studying at Newcastle

"I most enjoy the relationship you develop with the teaching staff and other students on the course. We aren’t a very big course and you really get to know your module leaders and fellow students. I would wholeheartedly recommend my course. It effectively combines the theoretical and vocational aspects of media and PR, ensuring that we are ready to hit the ground running come graduation.

"Class sizes are minuscule compared to my undergraduate studies, which allows you to work closely with the teaching staff. Work load is similar, however you are expected to be a lot more independent than you were during your undergraduate studies, which I have really enjoyed as you are able to pursue your own academic interests."

Postgraduate Community

"I definitely feel part of a postgraduate community here. The postgraduate study room in the library is a peaceful oasis in the middle of the library. We are given the opportunity to work with other postgraduate students and teaching staff in our School through modules we take together, as well as collaborative assignments, such as the PR students putting on a mock press conference for journalism students and fielding their questions."

Funding my studies

"I’ve funded my studies through the bank of mom and dad! I’ve also helped support myself with paid placements found through the Careers Service. Various internships and paid placements have helped build work experience that’s also relevant to my degree."

Career aspirations

"After I graduate, I hope to return home and continue my work in political campaigning, hopefully managing one someday. Studying at Newcastle is helping me pursue this career through its combination of theory-based and practical learning, as well as the opportunities offered through the Careers Service to add some work experience to my CV."


"I live in a student house with four third year undergraduates, which isn’t as bad as you’d think! It was very easy to sort out through websites such as spareroom, and Newcastle is a lot cheaper than elsewhere in the UK."

Living in Newcastle

"There’s so much that I love about Newcastle. It’s the most exciting smaller city that I’ve ever been to. There’s always something going on, whether you’re into nights out, art galleries, concerts or the theatre. It’s a vibrant city with a cost of living that rivals that of a small town."

Remembering Newcastle

"My highlight has definitely been everything. I know it’s a cliché, but I have enjoyed every single moment from the day that I stepped off of the plane. The student experience here at Newcastle is unparalleled and Newcastle University has an ice hockey team! It’s one of the few universities that has a team and it’s a massive sport in Canada."