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About me

Name: Emily
Course: Translating and Interpreting MA
Study mode: Full time
Where I'm from: Taiwan

Choosing Newcastle

I wanted to expose myself to the best English environment. Considering the average costs of living, Newcastle University was very attractive to me. In addition, Newcastle University is famous for its translating and interpreting programme, which is the field I wanted to study further. After I was put in contact with a friend who was studying at Newcastle, she confirmed my expectations of the curriculum offered. My intention to study interpretation in this historical and famous University became stronger.

Studying at Newcastle

I am fascinated by the wonderful complexity and sophistication of this field. I particularly enjoy learning the basic knowledge of certain fields, exploring unfamiliar areas to develop my hidden potential. It’s also very fulfilling and satisfying to diminish the communication gap between people from different cultural backgrounds through interpreting. To those who are interested in linguistics and cross-cultural communication, I would highly recommend this course.

Compared to my days in college, the biggest difference as a postgrad is studying independently. In comparison to lecturers instructing processes step-by-step and leading students to a solution, at postgraduate level professors introduce concepts, but give you a lot of space to explore independently. In addition, postgrads have to use their time more wisely than undergrads, since the daily schedule is very tight. Other aspects are similar: there are abundant student activities, various kinds of societies and lots of ways to get involved!

Postgraduate Community

I do feel involved in a postgraduate community here! So far I’ve made use of the postgraduate computer room in the Robinson Library and visited lots of peers’ accommodation. Although Newcastle University is a big university, it’s still easy to meet new friends through volunteering or going to house parties. I often meet new friends and later realise that they are friends of my friends, which suggests the strong network amongst postgrads.

Funding my studies

I received funding information in late March which included the course conditions, fees, and deadlines, etc. I received emails about specific scholarships and every detail was explained explicitly.

Thankfully, I have my family who support me thoroughly. Although I failed to win a scholarship, thanks to my family and my relatives, I can focus on studying without worrying about financial problems. Just like other foreign students, my parents send money through the local bank account that I applied for when I arrived here.

Career aspirations

After this programme, I aim to become a translation/interpreting practitioner, and I also wish to translate great works and share them with readers of other languages. Newcastle University consists of so many abundant academic resources and students coming from different backgrounds that I have a chance to practise cross-cultural communication in real life. With these experiences, I hope to diminish communication gaps between people as much as possible.


Currently, I am living in University accommodation. I found this easier to sort out than renting a house. The bills are included, the receptionists are friendly, and any issues can be resolved efficiently. Everything is wonderful – St Mary’s College is safe and secure. I particularly like the winter skyline at St Mary’s. It’s such a joy to watch all the stars spreading over the night sky without light pollution and noise.

Living in Newcastle

I love the facilities and the atmosphere of the city. All of the major University facilities are within a 15 minute walk from campus, which is really convenient. In addition, supermarkets, the train station and the Uni are close by and the reasonable prices are amazing. I especially love the artistic atmosphere around Newcastle. Walking along the street or studying beside the window with street artists’ music is pure luxury.

Remembering Newcastle

Socialising with friends has been a highlight. I have made friends with people from all over the world. Back in my hometown, students only drink after big parties or when suffering from sorrow; so it’s the first time for me to know that drinking can be the most enjoyable part in daily life.