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About me

Name: Hamed
Course: Renewable Energy, Enterprise and Management MSc
Study Mode: Full time
Where I'm from: Nigeria

Choosing Newcastle

I looked at the University initially because of a Newcastle University graduate’s recommendation. Then the University turned out to be one of those that offered the particular programme I wanted.

Studying at Newcastle

New things about renewable technologies and various policies are learned all the time. The course is so flexible and also incorporates business and management studies, which is why I chose it in the first place. I definitely have been recommending it and will continue to recommend it to friends.

Being a postgrad student requires much more hard work and total independence when compared to previous studies. I had a lot of time doing other things outside studying during undergraduate days, but as a postgraduate student I realised there has been little or no time to do those things anymore. But all-in-all it has been a great experience being a postgraduate student here.

Postgraduate Community

I feel part of the community and it has really helped me in blending with so many other postgraduate students from various countries, discussing various issues, widened my networking opportunities and it’s made my social life a great one.

Career aspirations

I intend to spend the next two years working in the renewables industry and afterwards I want to start my own full scale business which I have been planning to start for the past few years. My business will be concentrated on renewable energy generation and agriculture. Studying here has made me acquire more knowledge I need for my intended business. I have really benefited from the flexibility of the course and I hope things work out fine.

Living in Newcastle

The Newcastle people are friendly and nightlife is great.

Remembering Newcastle

I will miss the approachability of most of the lecturers, the campus societies, the Newcastle social life and friends that I have made here.