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About me

Name: Pauline
Course: Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship MSc
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: Kenya

Choosing Newcastle

I chose to study at postgraduate level because in my country, currently, an undergraduate degree is the equivalent of a UK high school diploma. The job market is very competitive, therefore, I always knew that I would undertake postgraduate learning.

Whilst my choice of undergraduate study was based around discussions with my parents, I researched and selected my Masters programme independently, motivated to progress further along a path towards entrepreneurship.

I chose Newcastle University Business School because, when researching programmes, I did not find any other university that encompassed innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship all within one programme.

I initially thought I would need to pursue a master in Entrepreneurship with the option of selecting optional modules in Creativity and Innovation. It was therefore such joy to find that there actually was a programme that combined all three interests. Additionally, Newcastle University Business School is ranked highly among UK Business Schools

Studying at Newcastle

There were many key benefits to this programme. Countless opportunities to network and meet people from various related fields. Interactions with classmates and others from all corners of the globe which really opened my mind to better understand other cultures and further enlarged my network. Committed module leaders who were always keen to explain more, support and give us a hand. The course content which enabled me to learn immensely within the one year programme, lessons that I could never have learned from books alone. Gaining more confidence especially in my business aspirations as a result of this programme.

Studying at postgraduate level

There were quite a few differences between my undergraduate and postgraduate study. My postgraduate learning experience was of higher quality than my undergraduate programme, as well as it being a much more multicultural experience, an element I really enjoyed. I also had less free time at this level of study due to the demands of the programme, which involved having to be very focused. Comparatively, the teaching methods in my postgraduate course were more interactive, varied and more frequent than those of my undergraduate programme. For example, I was assessed as an undergraduate through a mix of practical assessments and presentations.

A typical study week for me tended to be full of various activities. I typically woke early in time for my morning run and preparations for my morning class. I usually had 4-6 hours’ worth of classes in a single day, and the rest of my time was occupied by group work, studying, and attending Business School events. I tried to keep a balanced study and social life as well.

Postgraduate community

Postgraduate study at the Business School can be demanding and intense, but it is just as fulfilling – the hours and work I put in translated into valuable lessons which made it all worth it. The postgraduate community is very focused, supportive and vibrant. I like that the Business School encouraged students to keep both a school and social life balance. I enjoyed getting involved in opportunities such as the career fair, seminars and conferences, as well as keeping in regular contact with supportive staff who catered to the academic needs of the students. I attended quite a few events, guest lectures and networking opportunities, all which were always very informative and enabled me to make valuable contacts. I also enjoyed living in welcoming accommodation with a mix of communities, and getting involved in social forums and events.

Living in Newcastle

What I enjoyed most about living in Newcastle was the people. The Geordies are the friendliest people I have ever met. In addition to this, the city is very safe, affordable, and has a vibrant social life. I particularly liked the Quayside, it is such a beautiful place to spend time. My favourite landmark on the Quayside is the millennium bridge as at night it would light up in a rainbow colours. The Castle Keep also became a favourite place of mine to spend time as it is rich in Newcastle’s history.


My accommodation was St. Mary’s College, which is university accommodation in the Fenham area. This quickly felt like my new home, with great flatmates and manicured grounds at the front. It was very homely, which made leaving so hard. Compared to other cities I visited in UK, such as London and Manchester, Newcastle was definitely cheaper.

Top tips for new students 

Be focused right from the beginning; one year sounds long but it really isn’t much time

Make full use of the amazing facilities provided by the Business School, especially the networking opportunities

Remember to have lots of fun and enjoy the beauty that is Newcastle.

Career aspirations

The networks and support from the school have really steered me towards my career goals. As I intend on starting a manufacturing enterprise, the contacts I made throughout the course are invaluable, and they continue to help me towards my career goals. Most notably, through the collaboration between Newcastle University and the Business Innovation Centre at Sunderland, I was able to get connected to an entrepreneur in the manufacturing industry in Morocco; a field that I hold an entrepreneurial interest in. As a result, preparations are in the pipeline for me to visit the plant in Morocco and see their manufacturing methods, all thanks to Newcastle University!

Before starting my Masters, I aimed to develop my interests in enterprise management through starting a manufacturing enterprise in my country, focused on empowering women. Masters study has helped open my mind and spirit to new ideas, and networking has linked me to similar-minded entrepreneurs. The Careers Service Rise Up team provided me with immense support in terms of idea direction and business planning. I also had a number of sessions with my Careers Adviser Marek, which were very useful in planning my next career steps. The Business School was also able to link me with graduates who are currently pursuing a similar career path, which has led to friendships and further guidance beyond my Masters programme. I have now returned home and currently in the process of launching my new product range.