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About me

Name: Ruben
Course: Restorative Dentistry MClinDent
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: Spain

Choosing Newcastle

The University has a worldwide name and a good reputation. I wanted to give myself a good push in my career by learning to a high standard. The fact that the internationally renowned Dr Wassell, Dr Field, Dr Whitworth, Mr Garnett and their team of consultants lead the course was a very important reason for me to choose Newcastle.

Studying at Newcastle

The course covers prosthodontics, endodontics, and periodontics, and I really enjoy all aspects of clinical work on the different disciplines. They take you to the higher level, knowing why you are doing things and not just covering the technical aspect. This will make me a lot more confident when going into practice. I would recommend this course; I feel that I have become a much better professional through doing it myself.

Being a postgraduate student is different compared to when I was an undergraduate back home. The level of knowledge is higher, but at the same time you get a lot more individualised attention from the lecturers, clinicians and consultants. There are just four of us on the course, which is a huge advantage when it comes to clinical work and research projects.

Postgraduate community

In my limited spare time I do many activities with other postgraduates at the Dental School. As part of my course I gain teaching experience through working with clinical supervisors and second year undergraduates in the Dental School.

Career aspirations

I hope to be able to deliver a much higher standard of care when I finish. This will hopefully let me enter a career in private practice and also open my own practice one day. I like to have time for my patients when it comes to dental care, because in order to provide the best you need time with your patients. This course has helped me enormously to understand and be able to provide the highest level of care. I would also love to enrol with the University as a clinical fellow and teach some of the knowledge I have learnt here.

Living in Newcastle

After living in London and other parts of the country for several years I really think Newcastle is an ideal place if you are a student, as many things run around the student community. I also think Newcastle a great place for families with children, so it's ideal if you want to raise your family.

Remembering Newcastle

My highlight of studying at Newcastle has been to gain knowledge at a very high level. I have also valued getting to know colleagues in different stages of their careers and from different parts of the world.  This has helped to enrich me as a person and as a professional.