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About me

Name: Tommy
Course: Operations Management, Logistics and Accounting MSc
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: Peru

Choosing Newcastle

What made me choose to study at Newcastle University was that it was a highly ranked university in the UK, and the course was also financially accessible. Newcastle University was the first university to give me a conditional offer among all of the other universities I had applied to, which helped me a lot to find funding options. When the other offers came, I had already set my mind on Newcastle University and I don’t regret it!

Studying at Newcastle

What I enjoy most is that it gives me a lot of theory depth and insight into what I’ve already seen in practice from my previous work experience. I would definitely recommend this course, especially to people who have had some experience in the operations field so that they can link up theory and practice.

Studying a PG programme requires more self-study time for sure. I could say there’s more work as an MSc is only a one-year course so it is quite dense and you will see many assignments fall within the same deadline. Having multiple deadlines does improve your time management skills. Alongside those deadlines you also have your dissertation to be thinking about and working towards. It is good to work hard, but equally important to take advantage of the fact that you are abroad!.

Postgraduate community

I have been able to work with some teachers and share some research ideas. They have been very open and supportive of my research. I can say that now I’m even considering studying a PhD, something I wouldn’t have imagined before coming to the UK!

Funding my studies

As soon as I was offered a conditional place, another email came telling my about the Newcastle University International Postgraduate Scholarship (NUIPS). This was a great ease as one of my main concerns when coming here was how I would fund my expenses and tuition fees. The NUIPS offered by the University was of much help. Additionally, I was supported by a university in Peru as well as by family, which has helped me to ease the pressure on living and other expenses. The rest of the funds came from my savings from my previous working time.

Career aspirations

One of the reasons I decided to put my working career on hiatus was because I was a part time lecturer at Peru’s top university. However, I needed to pursue further studies to continue teaching. My plan is to go back and resume my career at the company I worked for and keep teaching at that university, however, since coming here, I have been delighted to see a lot of support in my research. Therefore, I may lean towards doing a PhD.


I live in St Mary’s College which is University accommodation. Despite being one of the furthest from main campus, it is only eight minutes to the Business School by bus (and 12 minutes when cycling). The accommodation is divided into two sections for UG and PG students. I’m really glad to have known my flatmates, they are amazing. This was my first option when choosing my accommodation as it was the cheapest. I don’t regret my choice of accommodation.

Living in Newcastle

Cycling or walking by the quayside and sightseeing are great things to do in the city. The quayside, local landscapes and architecture, especially on Grey Street, are some of my favourite things about Newcastle. The bridges also offer a lot of excellent angles to take a picture.

Remembering Newcastle

So far, it has been an extremely enriching experience. The highlight has been experiencing how excellent the University is in support and research. I have no regrets coming from so far to Newcastle University.