Institute of Neuroscience



We have developed a wide range of facilities and equipment to support our world-class research and answer the challenging questions in modern neuroscience.

City Centre Campus

The Henry Wellcome Building for Neuroecology is our main site. It is part of the University Medical School on Framlington Place. Contact us for any general enquiries.  

Laboratories based within the medical school allow us to probe brain activity at the basic neuronal level, using methods such as:

  • molecular biology
  • neurohistology
  • histochemistry
  • microdialysis
  • HPLC

There are electrophysiology capabilities for in vitro and in vivo methods including the Wolfson Foundation Facility for Neuroimaging of Brain Dynamics in Health and Disease. In 2013 'The Centre for Translational Systems Neuroscience' was opened; a suite of custom built laboratories to move breakthroughs in the laboratory through to inform clinical practice and improve the lives of patients. 

The Stroke Research Group are based in 3-4 Claremont Terrace and the majority of our researchers investigating child development are in the Sir James Spence Institute on the adjacent Royal Victoria Infirmary site. 

Campus for Ageing and Vitality (CAV)

Based on the site of the old 'General Hospital' in Fenham, the Campus for Ageing and Vitality (CAV) houses the majority of our ageing research and the Academic Psychiatry Research Unit. The Newcastle Brain Tissue Resource has been accepting donations of post-mortem brains for the past 30 years, enabling breakthroughs in brain ageing and neurological disorders. The Biomarkers Assay Service collaborates with partners around the world to identify molecular and cellular mechanisms of ageing and can offer a bespoke service tailored to your samples. Also based at CAV the Brain and Movement Research Group has state of the art gait analysis equipment and examines the close relationship between movement and cognitive function.

 The University offers a full range of services for business. To use Neuroscience facilities please contact the Institute Technical Manager Mr Mel Leitch