Institute of Neuroscience


Business and Development

In addition to the funding of our research through Research Councils and medical charities, an increasingly important aspect of our work is that which is conducted with the support of commercial organisations or donors.

A number of our research projects are funded by commercial organisations either as collaborative projects or as commercial contracts that utilise our specific expertise and facilities. Furthermore, translating our research into practical applications often requires the engagement of business partners or development through local commercialisation/spin out. We have a proactive technology transfer strategy that helps to identify opportunities to protect our intellectual property. The exploitation of this intellectual property provides an important source of revenue to continue our development.

A continuous process of development, through investment in both people and infrastructure, is essential to maintain our leading position in the field of neuroscience. In this we are very grateful for the generous philanthropic support of charities and individual donors who have made important contributions to the establishment and growth of the Institute.