Institute of Neuroscience

Brain Awareness Week 2015

Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is a global initiative created by the DANA foundation to increase public awareness about brain research. Each year the Institute of Neuroscience tries to think of fun ways to engage people in the exciting world of brain science.

Film Screenings

We worked with the Tyneside cinema to put on 2 special film screenings. The film 'X plus Y' is about a teenage boy with Autism. It explores how he copes with the world around him and how those around him struggle to understand him. Dr Jeremy Parr, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Hon Consultant specialises in Autism and spoke about research being conducted at Newcastle.

The film Electricity was part filmed in the North East and follows the story of a young woman with Epilepsy as she searches for her brother. Dr Roger Whittaker, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Hon Consultant specialises in Epilepsy and spoke about the research being conducted at Newcastle.

Asteroid project

Asteroid or 'Accurate STEReotest On a mobIle Device is a new research project to design a better test for conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (squint). Every year half a million children are diagnosed with conditions such as these but current diagnostic tests used by clinicians are very difficult to use with children and don't give very accurate or reliable data. The Asteroid team are using the latest 3D tablets to design a fun engaging game that children will play and will collect data about their vision at the same time. If a game could detect a potential vision disorder, wouldn’t you have a go? During BAW 2015 the Asteroid team gave an open lecture on the project. You can find more information on the Asteroid website.

Meet the scientist at the Great North Museum

The Great North Museum is a great place to spend a day and for BAW 2015 some of our research groups set up drop in stands to tell people about their research and let them have a go at a few fun tasks. Teams there on the day were from the Newcastle Brain Tissue ResourceThe Asteroid ProjectThe CANDO Project and our Cognitive Development Lab.