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Driving with dementia - new guidance

Clinical senior lecturer and consultant psychiatrist John-Paul Taylor has led a group to produce new guidelines for healthcare professionals to advise patients on driving after a dementia diagnosis

IoN's Dr John-Paul Taylor has led a group of researchers to develop a set of new guidelines to help healthcare professionals advise people diagnosed with dementia when it might be unsafe to continue driving. Maintaining quality of life after someone has been diagnosed with dementia is of high importance. For many people the ability to drive enables them and is synonymous with their wellbeing and independence. In the early stages of the condition there may be no problem with continuing driving. However, if the condition progresses and the person's mental and physical abilities deteriorate it may become unsafe for them to continue on the roads.

The new guidelines provide a framework for healthcare professionals to assess a person's abilities and make an appropriate recommendation. You can read the full story on the Newcastle University press office website.  

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