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Cannabis and Epilepsy

A timely review paper in the journal Practical Neurology discusses the issues of cannabis related medicines to treat Epilepsy.

The medical benefits of cannabis have been debated for a number of years. A number of recent high profile cases in the media have further highlighted the issue, especially in relation to Epilepsy. Medicinal cannabis - as opposed to recreational cannabis - is legal in a number of countries and the UK will soon follow suit. As with any new treatment caution should be used. This will not be a 'cure-all' suitable for every patient however for the third of people who's seizures are not controlled by current treatments this may prove to be a valuable alternative. 

Dr Rhys Thomas, clinical intermediate fellow and honorary consultant with the Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS trust have co-authored a review paper with Professor Mark Cunningham exploring the issues around using cannabis-derived medicines as a treatment for epilepsy. The paper focuses on guidance for adult neurologists and how this may be a new option to try when seeing patients in the clinic. 

You should always consult your own doctor before changing your medication in any way. 

The full paper: Cannabis and epilepsy. Practical Neurology 2018:0,1-7 can be found on the journal website. 

published on: 23 October 2018