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European Grand Prix for Professor Ian McKeith

Professor Ian McKeith has been awarded a European prize for his work on Alzheimer's and related conditions

Professor Ian McKeith has won the annual award by the Foundation for Research on Alzheimer’s disease based at the Hospital Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris. The prize recognises the influential publishing track record of a researcher as well as the ability to mobilise a team around a particularly promising research project. Professor McKeith has previously received Lifetime Achievement Awards from the UK Royal College of Psychiatrists, and the American Alzheimer’s Association for his leadership in this area.

Professor McKeith said the 100,000 Euro prize will support us in answering a key unresolved issue in the field of Lewy body disease research, namely whether the key protein affected, which is called α-synuclein, affects different types of brain cells in different ways.

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published on: 24 September 2018