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Lord John Walton of Detchant

It is with great sadness that we report the eminent neurologist and champion of Newcastle medical research Lord Walton has passed away aged 93.

Lord Walton was a huge supporter of the medical research conducted here at Newcastle. He graduated from Newcastle with a first-class medical degree in 1945 and immediately began working at our own Royal Victoria Infirmary. He is credited as one of the founders of myology (clinical muscle research). He has sadly passed away aged 93.

In later years, as a peer in the House of Lords he was a first class advocate for science and medical research. Most recently on the debate around mitochondrial donation and the work of Professor Doug Turnbull here at Newcastle.

For a full obituary please see the University press office.

Lord Walton opening the CTSN in September 2013
Lord Walton (second left) opening the Centre for Translational Neuroscience (CTSN) in September 2013

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