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IoN Ageing Research

Newcastle University is committed to ensuring our research helps address key global issues. Ageing has been identified as one of these and has been the focus of our research for more than 20 years.

As part of our overall focus on excellence with impact Newcastle University has selected societal challenge themes,  Ageing has been identified as one of these themes.

 We have the largest number of academics working on aspects of ageing of any institution in Europe, many based on the purpose-built Campus for Ageing and Vitality operated in partnership with the NHS Trust. This has positioned us amongst a handful of global leaders in the field.

Our ageing theme brings together, under the Newcastle University Institute for Ageing, research expertise from across the University to understand how we age, how we can age better, and how we can meet the global challenge of ageing.  Working with a variety of partners, we seek to use that knowledge to better address the global challenge and opportunity of an ageing society.

Within IoN we have a number of researchers with special interest in how sight, speech, hearing (deafness) and memory change with age. We are interested in how networks in the brain change in dementia. We want to improve people's lives when living with stroke, Parkinson’s disease and visual impairment. Depression is common in older people: we are developing better ways to measure this and looking at how things as diverse as art and exercise can help. Our researchers that focus on these areas are grouped together in our Neurodegenerative, Cerebrovascular and Psychiatric Disorders research theme.