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Neuropharmacology of cognition

Neuropharmacology of cognition

We are interested in the neuronal and neuropharmacological mechanisms that mediate attention, decision making, learning, memory, and response selection.

These cognitive operations are often studied in separation, but they are ultimately interlinked.

To understand the linkage we delineate cortical and subcortical circuits and the neuronal representations which enable us to flexibly navigate the world. We study which role feedback projections play in in cortical and subcortical processing, which cell types enable different cognitive signals, and which neurotransmitters and receptors play key roles in the respective operations. A key unresolved component is to understand how communication between cells and between areas allows flexibly gating of information that is of current behavioural relevance.

Understanding all of these components at a mechanistic level will yield novel and important insight into cognitive networks, and help understand cognition in health and disease.

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