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The DIAMOND-Lewy Study: Improving the diagnosis..

The DIAMOND-Lewy Study: Improving the diagnosis and management of neurodegenerative dementia of Lewy body type in the NHS

This 5 year programme funded by the NIHR has two main aims:

  • To improve the recognition and prompt diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) through the introduction of a simple assessment tool
  • To improve patient management and outcomes through the development and introduction of an evidence-based toolkit

In order to achieve these aims the project has 5 distinct work packages:

  • To conduct a baseline study of current LBD diagnosis and management in NHS secondary care services.
  • To conduct embedded qualitative studies to explore and understand the barriers and facilitators of LBD diagnosis and management.
  • Development of an evidence-based practical management toolkit to guide clinicians in the management of LBD.
  • To pilot the assessment tools and the newly developed management toolkit within memory and movement disorder services.
  • The introduction of the assessment tool in NHS services and a pilot cluster randomised study to determine the feasibility of implementing the management toolkit.

Newcastle University staff and students linked to the project:

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