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Randomised controlled trial of a family focused..

Feasibility study of a randomised controlled trial of a family focused treatment (FFT-A UK version) in the management of early onset Bipolar Disorder

Medication has been considered the mainstay of treatment for young people with Early Onset Bipolar Disorder (EOBD) (onset before age 18 years). The NICE Bipolar Disorder guidelines also recommend the involvement of families as important in the management of EOBD. There are, however, no UK studies investigating the evidence base for an intervention using a family-based approach for EOBD delivered in an NHS context.

US researchers have developed the Family Focused Treatment for Adolescents (FFT-A) which has been shown to reduce the severity and delay the recurrence of episodes. This randomised controlled trial (RCT) will allow us to investigate the feasibility and acceptability of this intervention, the process of recruitment, randomisation and retention rates and variability in the proposed outcome measures to inform a future multi-centre RCT in a UK NHS context.

Newcastle University staff and students linked to the project:

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