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Predicting dementia in Parkinson’s

The ICICLE - PD Study: Predicting dementia in Parkinson’s: A genotypic and phenotypic study

Dementia develops in up 80% of people with Parkinson’s disease (PD).  At the present time, it is difficult to know who will develop dementia in PD and when and why they do this. Although the prospect of someone with PD becoming demented is upsetting for all concerned, it is important to identify individuals at high risk of this complication so that appropriate therapy and management decisions can be made.

The main aim of ICICLE-PD is to better understand the transition from normal cognition to dementia in PD and also what predicts and underlies this process. To date work from other studies and our own data suggests that predictors of cognitive decline include specific clinical features, tests of thinking and genetic factors.  We now wish to validate this work by following patients longitudinally to determine whether these factors are truly predictive as well as identifying other possible candidates using other approaches (e.g. functional imaging, gait metrics). This work will not only help to improve patient management but will also clarify the processes underlying the evolution of cognitive decline in PD.

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