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Study of gait as a biomarker for cognitive decline

The ICICLE - GAIT Study: A prospective study of gait as a biomarker for cognitive decline in Parkinson's Disease

ICICLE-GAIT is a companion study to ICICLE-PD. ICICLE-GAIT aims to examine gait as a surrogate biomarker of cognitive decline in idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and evolution of gait disability.

Quantitative gait assessment is conducted alongside a comprehensive battery of clinical, imaging and laboratory tests. Prospective falls data are collected using a monthly diary. Participants are reassessed at 18, 36 and 54 month follow-up. At baseline 121 people with PD and 184 controls were recruited. The 36 month assessment was completed in June 2015. In conjunction with laboratory tests, participants wear a small body worn sensor (accelerometer) for one week at each assessment to measure daily physical activity.

ICICLE-GAIT sub-studies include :

  • development of a gait model sensitive to ageing and neurodegenerative pathology;
  • ambulatory assessment with body worn sensors – algorithm development and validation at micro and macro level
  • multimodal markers of early gait impairment
  • biomarkers, predictors and modifiable characteristics of transitional fallers in early PD

Newcastle University staff and students linked to the project:

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