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PEARS Study: Promoting effective stroke care

The PEARS Study: Promoting effective and rapid stroke care

Acute stroke care has improved dramatically in recent years with implementation of clot busting drugs to treat moderate/severe stroke, and rapid access to specialist acute services. This project addresses two areas where the early management of people with stroke could be further improved through better working between ambulance services and hospital services.

Firstly, developing an enhanced paramedic role to transfer the patient directly to the scan room and stay with the patient to speed up brain scans, assessment by the stroke team, and consequently reduce delays in treatment with clot busting drugs. We will then conduct a trial in three ambulance services comparing the benefits and costs of this new enhanced model of care to current practice, where paramedics leave immediately after patient handover.

Secondly, determining the likely effectiveness of the new technique of clot removal by analysing existing datasets and working out how many people could benefit from treatment. Analysis will take into account travel times and the availability of specialist teams. We will estimate costs, and make recommendations about how the treatment could be provided by the NHS.

Newcastle University staff and students linked to the project:

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