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Association between sleep and cognitive function..

The ASCRIBE Study: The association between sleep and cognitive function in bipolar disorder and insomnia 

Bipolar disorder (BD) is associated with significant impairment in cognitive function but the root causes of this dysfunction are not understood. Since people with BD often suffer from poor sleep function and sleep deprivation and restriction have been demonstrated to impair cognitive function in healthy populations poor sleep function in BD may contribute to the impairment in cognition.

This study aims to examine the association of sleep function and cognitive function in people with BD and insomnia in order to better understand any possible relationship between sleep and cognitive function in BD. Participants undergo a detailed 3 week sleep assessment using actigraphy, screening for sleep apnoea and periodic limb movement and diaries and then perform a battery of cognitive tests.

Core circadian rhythm is also assessed by measuring urinary excretion of a melatonin metabolite over two 48 hour periods. Associations between the identified sleep function and performance on the cognitive tasks will then be examined.

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