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Our partners

As well as the many collaborations which exist between members of the Institute and partners outside Newcastle, the Institute has established strategic research partnerships with institutes that have complementary research strengths.

These partnerships, formalised by memoranda of understanding, facilitate researcher exchanges, support early phase collaborative research projects, and enable shared student supervision.  We currently support two international partnerships:

The Institute is also the administrative centre for a number of national and international networks, including:

  • CARMEN neuroinformatics e-science project
  • Spike Train Analysis Network
  • North East hub of the UK Mental Health Research Network

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Monash Centre for Brain & Behaviour

In June 2005 Newcastle University signed an agreement with Monash University in Melbourne Australia to establish collaboration and cooperation in biomedical sciences. One of the areas identified was neuroscience and under this agreement collaboration began between the Institute of Neuroscience in Newcastle and the Monash University Centre for Brain and Behaviour (MUCBB), part of the Monash University Neuroscience and Mental Health Network.

In February 2006 researchers from Newcastle and Monash met at the Monash University Prato Centre in Italy for Planning Meeting. This identified neuroscience as a key area for an inter-University partnership. In July 2007 a joint conference entitled "Connecting the Hemispheres" was held in Marysville near Melbourne. This conference initiated a number of collaborative research projects which are now being pursued. View a Connecting the Hemispheres Initiative - Conference Report 2007 (PDF: 649KB).

The collaboration with the Institute of Neuroscience is focused on psychobiology, particularly involving the application of PET imaging to determine dysfunctions in disorders, and in systems neuroscience, particularly in visual and auditory neuroscience. 

As well as staff collaborations, we encourage student exchanges. Each year there is an opportunity for excellent 2nd year Biomedical Sciences and Psychology students to spend a summer as a research intern at Monash University. Contact for further information.


Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata (I-NK)

Since 2013 the IoN has undertaken a number of research collaborations with the Institute of Neuroscience, Kolkata (I-NK), particularly in the fields of epilepsy, motor control and movement disorders.

Founded by Mr 'Robin' Ram Prasad Sengupta, an eminent neurosurgeon who spent his career in Newcastle Upon Tyne but whose roots are in Kolkata. After his retirement he returned to Kolkata and with the help of the many friends he has made throughout his life both in India and around the world he began to create the I-NK.

After years of fundraising in 2005 the first foundation of the Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata (I-NK) was laid. In 2013 the official opening was celebrated with an inaugural neuroscience symposium attended by many colleagues from Newcastle. These included the Co-Director of the IoN at the time, the late Professor Colin Ingram. Colin was a strong supporter of this partnership and of bringing neuroscience to economically deprived parts of the world. Since Colin's untimely death at the end of 2013 we have set up a charitable trust to provide travel bursaries for students at the I-NK to come and undertake research training in Newcastle. If you would like to donate please follow this link

Today the I-NK is a 150 bed not-for-profit hospital offering an international standard of care with treatment programmes in neurology, neurosurgery, neuro-rehabilitation and neuropsychiatry for adults and children in the Eastern region of India. In May 2016 the relationship between Newcastle and Kolkata was further cemented with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutions. Signed on behalf of Newcastle by Professor David Burn (Director of IoN), Professor Richard Davies (Pro Vice Chancellor for Engagement and Internationalisation) and Robin Sengupta on behalf of the I-NK.

The I-NK continues to flourish and as a sister institute of the University of Calcutta is now able to offer PhD's in the fields of physiology, neuroscience and psychology. These PhD candidates are encouraged to collaborate with academics here in Newcastle and if possible undertake a period of research training here with us. In July 2015, Newcastle University bestowed an honorary degree on Robin in acknowledgement of his supreme achievements.