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Dr Alasdair Blain



I am an epidemiologist within the Mitochondrial Research Group in the Institure of Neuroscience. I have a special interest in Bayesian hierarchical & spatio-temporal methods and their applications in epidemiology. Previous work has involved GLMMs, dealing with censored data, quality control methods, Markov Chain methods and a variety of multivariate techniques. 

Area of expertiseStatistical Modelling, Bayesian Analysis, Epidemiology

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My main role is to study the temporal evolution of mitochondrial disease and understand how factors shape its progression using the Mitochondrial Disease Patient Cohort. Using various information from patients within the cohort (such as genotype, clinical features, physical function, cognition, quality of life and sociodemographics) we aim to gain greater understanding of how mitochondrial disease progresses and how this progression is shaped by various factors. Outcomes of this work will shape existing, and develop new clinical guidelines to improve the lives of people with mitochondrial disease. 

Alongside this work, I also provide support and assistance within the group on a variety of projects and statistical issues.