Institute of Neuroscience

Staff Profile

Dr Amy Reeve

Research Fellow


Roles and Responsibilities

Teaching and supervision of students within the lab.


Bsc Hons in Neuroscience from Edinburgh University.
PhD entitled ‘The molecular Basis of Neurodegeneration – the role of mitochondrial DNA mutations’.


Research Interests

My primary research interest lies in investigating  the effects of mitochondrial dysfunction on substantia nigra neurons with ageing and Parkinson's disease. The main focus of my research is studying the how neurons might respond to mitochondrial dysfunction and how changes with age affect this process. Ultimately i hope to be able to find new drugs which might help neurons to be able to tolerate mitochondrial dysfunction and survive into later life.

Current Work

Relationship between alpha-synuclein accumulation and mitochondrial dysfunction.

Response of neurons to mitochondrial dysfunction.

Models of mitochondrial dysfunction in neurons.


BMS3013 Diseases of the Human Nervous System

MMB8034 Mitochondrial Biology and Medicine

MMB8020 Scientific Basis of Neurological Disease