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Professor Christopher Petkov

Professor in Comparative Neuropsychology


I am a Professor in Comparative Neuropsychology for the Institute of Neuroscience at Newcastle University. My area expertise is cognitive neuroscience.

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Laboratory of Comparative Neuropsychology

Our research uses advanced imaging and neurophysiological methods to study the neuronal mechanisms and neural systems supporting perceptual awareness and cognition, with an emphasis on communication: auditory or multisensory, informing and responsive to clinical work in neurosurgery and neurology patients.

Here is our lab website If the University publications list is incomplete please check Google Scholar, or email me for reprints.

Thanks to Wellcome Trust support, all recent papers should be freely available as Open Access.


Please see the lab webpage or publications list for details.


I teach modules in the Thoughts Senses and Movement (TSM) Course for 2nd year Medics. I also lecture in the Psychology Department, for the MRes in Animal Behaviour module and am a tutor and a mentor. I also support laboratory based project students.