Institute of Neuroscience

Staff Profile

Dr Chris Smart

Academic Clinical Researcher


Specialty Area: Depression, stress, epigenetics, mood disorders, addictions

Why did you choose Newcastle?

I was attracted by the Post-graduate Certificate in Clinical Research that is offered to Academic Clinical Fellow (ACF) at Newcastle University. This was a great opportunity for me to bolster my knowledge of research by studying topics such as hypothesis generation, the importance of collaborative work and the pragmatics of grant applications. Another reason for choosing to be an ACF here in Newcastle is the immensely supportive environment that is on offer. For myself this meant that it was relatively straightforward to arrange collaborative work that has proved to be crucial for my fellowship proposals. 

What are your aspirations for your time on the Clinical Academic Training Path?

To obtain a research training fellowship that will mean I can complete a PhD and stand on the first rung of the academic career ladder.

Please provide any links to research that you have been or are involved in