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Claire Kolenda

Lab Technician


My main role is to support the Biomarker's facility based at the Campus for Ageing and Vitality. I provide technical support, advice and training on a variety of molecular and cellular techniques applied on biomedical research. I love my work and really enjoy the variety of projects, having worked with a huge range of local, national and international projects and with a wide variety of sample types.

I also work part time for the Newcastle Brain Tissue Resource (NBTR) supporting them with brain dissections, processing and embedding of tissue.  With them I’m gaining experience in immunohistochemistry techniques, basic tissue staining and tissue sectioning.

I maintain all certification required to comply with good clinical practice (GCP) for the handling of samples/projects arriving from NHS Trusts along with Human tissue Act compliance.

I am professionally registered with the Institute of Science and technology (IST) at the level of Registered Scientist (RSci), and also trained to assess applications to the Science Council for Registered Scientist or Registered Science Technician.

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1993-2007 Texas A&M University, Research Assistant/ Lab manager