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Dr Jonathon Dunn

Research Associate


I am a Research Associate for the Institute of Neuroscience at Newcastle University. My areas of expertise are conservation, ecology, behavioural ecology, galliformes and starlings.

I have an eclectic research background, with interests in conservation, applied ecology and animal behaviour.  My PhD focused on the conservation of a suite of threatened gamebird species in the Himalayas with Professor Mark Whittingham and Dr Philip McGowan at Newcastle University, but I have worked on a variety of projects with collaborators such as the RSPB and Scottish Wind farm Bird Steering Group to examine a range of issues, from endangered bird conservation in Sao Tome e Principe, to the management of habitats controlled by wind farm companies in Scotland.  Recently, I have focused on animal behaviour with a special interest in foraging ecology in the European starling, working with Professors Daniel Nettle and Melissa Bateson at Newcastle University.     

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