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Dr Patrick Degenaar

Reader in Neuroprosthesis



I am a reader in neuroprosthesis. I lead a strongly interdisciplinary team and my main interest is in optoelectronic/optogenetic visual prosthesis and visual aid systems for the blind. I was previously a senior lecturer at Imperial College, where I also held and RCUK fellowship. Prior to this, I did two post-doc tours of duty at Imperial College (2002-2005), and worked for a year in the software industry (2001-2002). I have a Ph.D. in Bioelectronics from the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and an MRes and BSc in Applied Physics from Liverpool University


PhD Bioelectronics - JAIST, Japan
MRes Surface Science - Liverpool University, UK
BSc Applied Phyiscs (1st Class) - Liverpool University, UK

Previous Positions

2009-2010 Senior Lecturer in Neurobionics - Imperial College, London
2005-2009 Lecturer in Neurobionics - Imperial College, London
2002-2005 Post-doc - Imperial College, London
2001-2001 Software Engineer, Network Associates, Amsterdam




English, Dutch, Japanese


Current Work

Optogenetic Retinal Prosthesis
I'm coordinating a European consortium to develop optoelectronic arrays for optogenetic retinal prosthesis. This research is also backed up by the EPSRC and BBSRC.

Augmented Vision systems
I am developing advanced visual devices for the visually impaired and performing patients trials at the Oxford and Western Eye(London) Hospitals.

 My full  research page can be found here:

Research Staff

Dr Rolando Berlinguer-Palmini
Dr Kamyar Mehran
Dr Arfan Ghani

Postgraduate Supervision

Newcastle PhD supervision
Musa Al Yaman
Michael Scott Evans
Graeme Coapes
Jun Luo
Hubin Zhao


External/visiting PhD students
Na Dong - South East University, China

Alumini (Imperial College)

Imperial College (pre - Sept 2010)
Muthu Murugeson (RA), Nahed Solouma (visiting fellow), Hwa Jeong Kim (visiting fellow), Muhammed Memon (visiting fellow), Brian McgGovern (RA), Nir Grossman(PhD & RA), Tassanai Parritokkoporn (PhD)


  1. BRC - Electronic Low Vision Aids Using Commercial Mobile Devices
  2. xFutures - Restoration of Neural System Functionality
  3. MDS Society - Augmented Vision for the visually impaired
  4. Newcastle BMRC - Augmented Vision for the visually impaired
  5. Human Plus - visual prosthesis for the future human
  6. EPSRC - Neurotechnology Sandpit
  7. EPSRC - Knowledge Transfer award
  8. EPSRC - Retinal prosthetics: a novel opto-bionic approach to the restoration of functional vision
  9. BBSRC - Enhancing the photostimulation kinetics of channelrhodopsin-2 encoded neurons
  10. EU FP7 - OptoNeuro
  11. Thierri Latran Foundation - Motor Neurone disease prosthesis
  12. Royal Society - Augmented Vision for the visually impaired


Undergraduate Teaching

EEE2014 Semiconductor Devices and analog electronics

PHY2017 Fields Materials and Devices

Postgraduate Teaching

I'm looking for talented PhD students as I build my new group in Newcastle University