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Rachel Jones

Mitochondrial Diagnostic Technician


I am a mitochondrial diagnostic technician working within the NCG Mitochondrial Diagnostic Service.  My role is to provide technical support to the molecular clinical scientists with the aim of identifying DNA variants to provide a genetic diagnosis.

I work alongside other molecular technicians, clinical scientists and biomedical scientists who are specialised in areas such as histochemistry and biochemistry; I enjoy working together as a multi-disciplinary team to provide an accurate diagnosis for our patients.

I was inspired to work within a diagnostic lab after studying genetics as part of my degree in Biomedical Sciences at Durham University.  It’s of great importance to find and provide answers to families who are affected with mitochondrial disorders.

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences, Durham University
MSc Genomic Medicine, Newcastle University

Previous Positions
2015-2016 Healthcare Science Associate, Northern Molecular Genetics Service
2014-2015 Healthcare Science Assistant, NCG Mitochondrial Diagnostic Service