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Dr Richard Francis

Research Associate


I am currently involved in stroke rehabilitation research. I am involved with the following studies:





I am a Research Associate and am involved with managing, analysing and presenting data.


I am currently involved in stroke rehabilitation research. I have previously been involved in the fields of Pain, Respiratory Illness, Gastrointestinal Illness, Traumatic Intracerebral Haemorrhage, Intracranial Pressure Monitoring and also Back Surgery. My research has involved performing research and diagnostic studies on healthy human volunteers and clinical patients and managing multi-centre trials. My research has involved office and laboratory work. I have experience in conducting quantitative research studies and also systematic reviews, though I am interested in all branches of research, including qualitative research and laboratory studies.


In 2003-2004 I began a PGCE in secondary science. This involved 2 placements in high schools that allowed me to plan, conduct and assess approximately 120 hours of independent teaching. During my PhD, from 2004-2007, I also worked as a part time lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University, teaching approximately 150 hours. In this role I was also involved with module design and assessment. While writing up my PhD in 2007-2008 I worked as a Head of Year in a high school and sixth form. This was a pastoral role with some teaching. While working as a RA at the University of Manchester I was involved in approximately 15 hours of demonstrating. While working as a RA for Newcastle University from 2010 to today, I have been involved in approximately 60 hours of teaching, predominantly involving tutoring and mentoring of colleagues and visiting students, but also involving teaching, marking, undergraduate supervision, practical demonstrating and seminar leading. I have a teaching commitment of approximately 15 hours each semester.


Teaching experience:

·      Taught undergraduate dental, medicine, physiology and biomedical students

·      Taught undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology

·      Taught undergraduate Cell Biology

·      Taught undergraduate and postgraduate Research Methods

·      Taught undergraduate Statistics

·      Mentored undergraduate and postgraduate students.

·      Voluntarily marked undergraduate examinations.

·      Undergone PGCE training (incomplete due to offer of Ph.D.)

·      Worked as a Head of Year (pastoral role) within secondary education.

·      Taught using large lectures, workshop/discussion groups and practical sessions.

·      Designed a website that aims to educate site visitors on physiology. This site is informal and allows the visitor to understand physiological principles, without getting too bogged down in complicated terms. This site is aimed at pre-university students and also interested lay people (