Institute of Neuroscience

Staff Profile

Emeritus Professor Robert Perry

Emeritus Professor


MB ChB (St Andrews), DSc (Newcastle), FRCP Edin, FRCPath

Newcastle General Hospital 1972 - 2009

MRC Neuroendocrinology Unit 1980 - 1985 Clinical Scientist and Hon Neuropathologist


Reader Neurochemical Pathology

Consultant Neuropathologist - 1986 - 2009,


Neurology, Neurosurgery, Dementia and other Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Newcastle Brain Tissue Resource - formerly the Newcastle Brain Bank. 1975 - 2009

Fixed tissue, frozen tissue

Parameters for sampling and freezing tissue, human brain temperature after death etc

Coronal Brain Map - for sampling

Synaptosomes / metabolically active preparations with John Hardy, fresh and freezing parameters

fibrillary forms of neuropeptides

Neuropathology - continuation of previous dementia series 1965 (Prof Bernard Tomlinson); Neurochemical observations 1974 with Prof EK Perry, frozen tissue for neurochemistry in 1975, modified in MRC Neuroendocrinology Unity 1981 - whole brain slices snap frozen, different parameters - personal observations - unpublished

Neurochemistry - with Professor Elaine Perry

Neurofibrillary forms of neuropeptides

Neuroanatomical - with Dr John Candy - Nucleus of Meynert; Amygdala

Peptidergic nuclei and Tracts in the human brain

Tumour Research - and with Professor Andrew Pearson

Microanatomical dissection for Neurochemistry Nucleus of Meynert, Amygdaloid, neocortex

Neurochemical Pathology

Identification of Dementia with Lewy Bodies, FTD in the Elderly specific features, memory loss etc, AD overlap, Intermitant Neurofilament Disease

Case Reports


Depression, Down's syndrome, Factor X.Mental deficiency

Alzheimer's Disease cholinergic defect, Parkinson's Disease, DLB