Institute of Neuroscience

Staff Profile

Dr Thomas Cope

Academic Clinical Fellow (Auditory Neuroscience)


I am an Academic Clinical Fellow working in the Newcastle Auditory Group, under the supervision of Prof T D Griffiths.

I undertook my undergraduate and clinical medical studies in Cambridge, pursuing a joint honours course in Physiology and Psychology. Whilst there, I was privileged to work on a number of projects in Professor Brian Moore’s hearing laboratory, and in collaboration with Dr David Baguley in the Addenbrooke’s audiology department.

I am interested in defining perceptual mechanisms and brain substrates through the application of auditory psychophysics to patients with neurological pathology. My present focus is in the exploration of perceptual abilities in rhythm and timing in normal listeners and in patients with cortical and subcortical disease, and I am always interested in collaboration in this area. I am also working to explore preserved linguistic ability in acquired aphasia, and the psychophysics of tinnitus.