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'Fairy Tales' is another five-star performance from INTO Newcastle students and staff

The play was a colourful mosaic of the most beloved children's movies, from Pocahontas to Beauty and the Beast. So expertly patterned that even an eerie Harry Potter theme fitted in the plot.

'Fairy Tales' directed by Yvonne Wancke was on at INTO Newcastle from the 5th to 7th of December.

The musical was heartwarmingly familiar, with the songs that everyone has got by heart. The audience was humming along, while the performers' joy of singing was palpable in the auditorium.

Like all the best children's plays, 'Fairy Tales' left a magic touch, a grip of childish excitement. With a universal, relatable narrative, the musical appealed to every member of the audience, young and old, from any corner of the world. 'Fairy Tales' is another five-star performance! Praise must go to Yvonne Wancke; not just for her choreography and direction but her care, love, passion, and dedication", said one of the audience members Richard Abbott-Brailey after the play.

"This is the second time I have enjoyed an INTO Newcastle University production, and I hope to see many more in the future. The title, ‘Fairy Tales’, might suggest that this is a play for a younger, but it is for children of all ages, including myself - 60 next year!", said Abbot-Bailey.

"The play included elements of some traditional tales from the UK and elsewhere. I chose this one based on ideas from the students themselves and adapted it for our particular group. It was a special production, as it was the first one in the new lecture theatre and it also included some video technology", explained Wancke.

It was four years ago that Wancke decided to put on a show for the first time with the INTO Newcastle students and staff. The idea was to introduce the international students to the British culture - hence, the choice of pantomime - and to let them know each other and the staff better.

"Rehearsals were fun, and it culminated in a couple of lovely performances, which were very much enjoyed by the staff and students alike. The INTO Student Productions group was born! Musical plays are great because they are something that everyone can get involved in; everyone can have a go at singing, acting and a bit of dance!", said Wancke.

"Our lives are so routinised by classes, timetables, homework and assignments that sometimes we forget to be honest with ourselves. Being a part of Yvonne's plays provided me with an opportunity to create and explore the world around me.", said Nick Naboka, an INTO Newcastle alumnus and a permanent member of the INTO Student Productions group.

Performance is an amazing way of liberating thoughts and freeing imagination, no matter which path you take.

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Performance at INTO NCl called Fairy tales

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