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INTO Graduates go onto the next step

INTO graduates will soon be heading off to further their education after successfully completing their academic programmes at INTO Newcastle University.

Overall across the pathways that began in January 2017, 481 (81%) students are eligible to progress to Newcastle University in the upcoming academic year.

The students received their transcripts on Friday, 25 August, in the Curtis Auditorium, the Herschel Building, which has become a traditional place for the end-of-year ceremony. Ten students who have excelled in the academic performance and got the highest marks on their courses received the Outstanding Achievement Awards.

Hafsah Bumu, who just completed International Foundation in Biological and Biomedical Sciences and received the Outstanding Achievement Award, said: “It was tough, but through my hard work, resilience as well as the extraordinary support from my teachers and mentors, I was able to graduate with the outstanding results. But my time at INTO Newcastle was wonderful and will always be a part of my most cherished memories.”

Glen Chapman, Programme Manager for International Foundation in Humanities and Social Sciences and International Foundation in Business and Management , said: “I am delighted with the recent results and outcomes for our students on the January Foundation intake. I had hoped that they would do well but both Business and Humanities students have far exceeded my expectations in their performance on the programmes.

“We should remember that success is never accidental, it is the result of hard work, commitment, determination and sacrifice on behalf of the students themselves, their teachers and all of the staff at INTO Newcastle. Finally, I would echo the words of our Academic Director and say that students should certainly toast their success but also get ready for the real work to begin in year one of their undergraduate degrees!”

The celebration party, which was held later on at the INTO building, featured a photo booth, candy floss and refreshments, with teachers and students gathered together for the last time.

INTO Newcastle University has been preparing international students for seamless progression to universities for ten successive years. 

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INTO Graduation August 2017

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