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INTO Newcastle University releases the 2016/2017 Architecture Yearbook

INTO Newcastle University has proudly released the 2016/2017 Architecture Yearbook offering us a glimpse into the outstanding work and creative pursuits which their architecture students carried out over their year of study in the centre.

The yearbook, which is only in its second year of production, serves as a record of the achievements of students and staff from all three architecture pathways at INTO Newcastle.

Observational and analytical sketches, immersive visualisations and exploratory models provide an insight into the iterative thought-processes of the students on the programme and are a testament to INTO Newcastle’s architecture programmes. Divided into the three different pathways, the yearbook provides a strikingly detailed overview of the types of activities the architecture students perform while studying here in Newcastle. The yearbook reflects the diversity of design solutions adopted by international students coming from all parts of the world and the team's devotion to teaching. Additionally, each section is accompanied by an introduction from the Design Module Leader. The yearbook also accounts for extracurricular and international activities, delivering a thorough outline of all aspects of the architecture students' lives at INTO Newcastle.

Thomas Kern, Programme Manager of the Architecture Pathways, in the Foreword of the Yearbook wrote,

“Following the success of last year’s yearbook, we are delighted to present you with the outstanding student work from our 2016/2017 architecture programmes.”

"This yearbook is an intriguing demonstration of the tremendous progress of the students on the three pathways of our programme. It is inspiring to see their creativity and their commitment towards architecture.”

“This yearbook, although just a snapshot of an industrious academic year, celebrates our students' highly creative and productive output and casts a bright light on their future possibilities."

The Yearbook Release Event brought together the architecture team, former and current students, who all came to reminisce or be inspired.

Deputy Programme Manager, Natasha Thewlis, commented: It is wonderful to see all our former students again, not just to find out how they are settling into university life but also to let them meet our newly-arrived students and give them some insight on what it is going to be like here. The class of 1617 all worked so hard to get into university and this yearbook really does showcase their achievements. We wish them all the best in their studies and look forward to celebrating with them again when they graduate from Newcastle!”

INTO Newcastle has three architecture pathways: International Foundation in Architecture, International Year One and Graduate Diploma in Architecture. You can see the new INTO Architecture Yearbook 2016/2017 here.

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Event to celebrate new Architecture Yearbook

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