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Customer Councils

Customer Councils

IT Services that work for you

Given the increasing pace of change, it’s important that we have a clear and consistent level of understanding of the University’s aims and objectives, at all levels. As a key service, we need to make sure our plans for investment and development align with the aspirations of our service users and that the level of service we provide best meets their expectations.

To fully understand our service user's needs, ensure there is transparency and accountability in the way that we work and to help to position NUIT as a trusted partner at the heart of the University, we have created 3 Customer Councils. The members provide representation from across the University for Education, Research and Professional Services.

The Customer Councils meet 3 times a year and provide a sounding board and feedback mechanism for NUIT priorities, performance and general direction of travel.

  • Representing service users’ views and interests from across the University in the development of the ‘Digital Campus’, and
  • Providing a strong mechanism for involving service users in the ongoing development of NUIT and technology-led solutions.