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Digital Campus Strategy Group (DCSG)

The DCSG is the immediate governing body for Newcastle University Information Technology Services. The following activities form the role of the DCSG:​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Provide proactive and strategic advice to Executive Board and Council for all matters relating to the Digital Campus
  • Provide strategic oversight for any university-funded Programme or Project that includes a significant Digital or IT Service element
  • Promote the effective and innovative application of Information Technology to enhance staff and student experiences
  • Develop the University’s Digital Strategy Framework in alignment with the University’s Vision and Strategy and its Strategic Enablers.
  • Promote, monitor and maintain the University’s Digital Strategy Framework
  • Decide strategic priorities and targets for the service units supporting Digital and IT Services across the University

DCSG will also:

  • Receive and consider reports, feedback and evidence of local priorities from the IT ‘Customer Councils’
  • Receive and consider an annual report from the Cyber Security Committee
  • Ensure the Digital Strategy Framework enables local (and necessarily differentiated) needs to be met