Windows Vista/7

A wireless service available to all staff and students across campus and in some halls of residence. The service uses the SSID newcastle-university with Wireless Protected Access (WPA) and Enterprise level encryption (EAP).

Connect to network

  • Click on the Network Notification icon
Wireless 9


  • Select newcastle-university from the list of networks
  • Click Connect

Since we have not entered any credentials we get the following,

Wireless 10


  • Enter your User name and Password.

You may need to reenter your login information each time you reconnect to the university network.

  • Click OK
Wireless 11
  • You will now be successfully connected to our wireless network


If your PC is unable to automatically find WiFi networks, you can manually configure it to connect to our network.


  • Click on the Network Notification icon
Connect 1


  • Click on Open Network and Sharing Center
Wireless 1


  • Select Manage wireless networks from the side panel
Wireless 2


  • Click Add
Wireless 3


  • Click Manually create a network profile
Wireless 4


  • Set the Network name to newcastle-university
  • Security type needs to be WPA2-Enterprise
  • Encryption type should be AES
  • Deselect Start this connection automatically if you prefer to connect manually,
  • Click Next
Wireless 5


  • Click Change connection settings
Wireless 6


  • Select the Security tab
  • Set the authentication method to Microsoft Protected EAP (PEAP)
  • Deselect Remember my credentials as it is a security risk
  • Click Settings...
Wireless 7


  • Deselect Validate server certificate
  • Make sure the Authentication Method is Secured password (EAP-MSCHAPv2)
  • Click Configure...
Wireless 8


  • Deselect Automatically use my windows logon name
  • Click OK to close the EAP MSCHAPv2 Properties window
  • Click OK to close the Protected EAP Properties window
  • Click OK to close the Wireless Network properties window
  • Click Close to close the Manually connect to a wireless network window


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