Advice and guidelines

If you thinking of undertaking a media production project please bear in mind that it can take longer and being more time consuming than you think and that careful planning and visualisation is key to a succesful project.

Before submitting a media production request form we recommend you watch this video, which features some of our colleagues giving advice following completion of their own media production projects.

How long will it take to create my video?

This is a very difficult question to answer, as it is dependent on so many factors and variables including resource availability (both yours and ours) and the complexity of what you are wanting to achieve.  For example it can take as little as a week to turn around a simple 'talking head' video filming one person in our studio but can take up to 12 months to create byline teaching material reliant on multiple participants, location filming and complex editing.  

Ultimately, the more you time you spend planning your video and thinking about what you want it to achieve before any filming takes place, the slicker the production process will be which, will result in a better end product. 

Please have a look at these questions in advance of submitting a media production request form.

What will you need from me?

Whilst we will assume technical and creative responsibility in delivering your finished product however, as we are not content specialists, we will also require significant input and time from you throughout all stages of the production process including:-

  1. Discussing your ideas with us, identifying the required outputs and impact of your finished product and agreeing realistic timescales for your project
  2. Scheduling required resources (e.g. academic colleagues and location availability/suitability) and being present during filming to ensure we capture exactly what you need
  3. Collaborating with us during the editing and post production process at appropriate times to ensure the assembled product meets your requirements and the subject matter is represented accurately 

How does the media production process work?

Once your request has been considered and commissioned we move into the three stages of production:-

  1. Pre-production - where we will meet with you to discuss your ideas, and confirm the overall production schedule
  2. Production - this is the actual filming of video content, and will happen either in our production studio or on location
  3. Post-production - where we will start to edit your finished product, adding finishing touches such as graphics and music

On completion of your media production project we will provide you with a finalised version of your video in the agreed format and request sign-off from you.  We will then retain all media associated with your project on a university server for three years from the sign-off date, unless we are informed otherwise.