Important Considerations

Battery Life

Your Office365 mailbox is configured to allow Push Email. This is where any new email will be pushed to your device as soon as it arrives. This can severely impact the battery life of your device, as it is repeatedly using data connection to the mobile phone network (if you are not connected to a wifi network). The Schedule menu in the device mail client should allow you to control the frequency of polling for emails and whether you make the distinction between Peak and Off-Peak hours.

Data Usage

Also consider how much email that you want to download over your mobile network. It is prudent to configure your device to only download the last 7 days of email and also to download only the message and not attachments. Messages can be flagged to download the full items, should you consider it important after initial review.

Depending on the quantity of email you receive/keep, having anything more than the settings detailed above could result in a large mobile bill. It is possible that the size of your Office365 mailbox will far exceed the amount of data you are allowed per month on your mobile contract.

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