Note:  These instructions are suitable for students. Instructions for staff and postgraduate research students can be found here


Although Blackberry devices are unsupported, you may be able to configure your device to retrieve your email.

Traditionally Blackberry devices have used their own propietary email system that routes email through RIM's servers in Canada.  It has also required specific server infrastructure on-premises.

Some Blackberry devices can retrieve email from the University Exchange servers by using Outlook Web App (OWA) through Blackberry Internet Service (BIS).  Unfortunately, this method of accessing your email doesn't use the Microsoft ActiveSync protocol and subsequently there may be changes that happen in the future that prevent your Blackberry from being able to retrieve your University Office365 email.

Open Email Settings on the Blackberry

Choose Other from the list of options

Enter your University email address (using the @newcastle.ac.uk format) and Password, then click Continue

The Blackberry Internet Service will indicate that there was a problem.  Select: I will provide the settings

Select POP/IMAP (Most Common)

Enter the following settings:

Email address:  Enter your University email address (eg.  A.N.Other@newcastle.ac.uk)

Password : Your University Password

Username: Enter your University username and append @newcastle.ac.uk

(e.g. b1234567@newcastle.ac.uk)

Click Continue

Select what you would like to sync and then the email account should the be successfully added

Note: Some newer Blackberry devices use parts of Android, so you may get some success following the Android instructions.

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