Upgrading to Microsoft Office365

Staff email will be upgraded to the Microsoft Office365 service between July 2015 and February 2016.  This includes your email, calendar and contacts.

To access your email after the upgrade you will need to login to Outlook initially with username@newcastle.ac.uk (your password is unchanged).

The move to Microsoft Office365 will deliver a number of benefits to our email services:

An increase in default mailbox quota from 1GB to 50GB

We regularly receive requests for increases to email storage.  We want to offer a big increase, but it is difficult and very expensive to do this with our current email servers.  Microsoft store the email servers in their huge European data centres, where there are large economies of scale.

Email client programs will stay the same

You can continue to use the familiar email program that you are used to, so there is no learning curve to worry about.  Microsoft Office365 still uses Microsoft Exchange email servers and Outlook will still be the preferred email program.  For Mac and Linux users and those who don’t use Outlook, you can continue to use your email client of choice, there will still be IMAP / SMTP support, though non-Outlook mail clients will have to be reconfigured to point to the new server.  We will provide advice and support on this.

Students have been successfully using the service for 2 years

Our students have been using Office365 for 2 years now.  We have received many positive feedback stories and students are enjoying the big increase in email storage.

New and improved Outlook Web App (OWA)

Using Office365 offers a new and improved Outlook Web App.  OWA is becoming more functional and much closer to the desktop Outlook program.  It helps people become more productive when remotely accessing their email.

Secure Data

Your email is stored in European datacentres and is subject to EU legislation agreements to ensure that it is kept safe and secure.


As Microsoft are hosting the email servers, we don’t need to power or cool them in our University datacentres.  It helps save a lot of electricity and produce fewer CO2 emissions.


The Microsoft Office365 service is free to Education institutions.  The University will also make significant financial savings, avoiding the purchase of new email servers and the cost of electricity to cool and run them.


The IT Service will migrate all of your Exchange mailbox data (email, calendar, contacts, etc.) to the new system.  Email delivery will be stored whilst mailboxes are migrated then delivered to the new system.  Office365 is compatible with most other mail clients and mobile devices, but you will need to update your settings. Office365 setup guides are available and IT Support staff will be on-hand in your area to offer assistance.